👋This is a fun hacky GIF photobooth I built for my wedding!

To use it, allow your webcam, click "Click me", then when you see "Pose" move around in a fun way! After four poses an animated photostrip will be displayed which you can download.

Warming up

The size of the preview frame above is calculated by taking the total strip height divided by the number of poses, minus any gutter size. The total size is important for sharing and printing, choose wisely.

Warning: Facebook kinda hates GIFs so you're best off doing one or two poses. Twitter works great regardless!

The gutter is the space in between photos in the strip.

The length of the GIF is determined by the number of frames multiplied by the time between frames. Many frames with a short time between them will feel smoother, but the filesize will get out of hand. Find a balance!